Shane Candappa was born in Sri Lanka and at a young age moved to Australia (Queensland) with his three siblings and mother as asylum seekers, escaping the religion-based violence in his homeland. Tragically, his father died just before they came to Australia. HE told of his difficulties with schooling and 'fitting in', but how the support he received and avenues for progress got him through. Coming to Victoria to "try out" the furniture business in the company operated by his step-father and mother, he and partner Suzy decided to stay.
Buln Buln Shire Council attracted the company to Drouin, with the involvement of then-Economic Development Officer, Tim Wills. Some years later, Shane took control, only to ultimately suffer from the general downturn in Australian manufacturing.
Trying his hand at a few things, after he came out of the disappointment and loss of his own business, and with assistance from Rotarian Peter Williams, Shane entered the world of Real Estate.
He and Suzy now own and manage 'Candappa First National'
A great story of success through much adversity.