John Kinrade was introduced to Drouin Rotary Club by Max Hine and on 20th September 1994 he was inducted into Rotary by then-President ....Max Hine! How convenient.
Always an active member, he has served as Director-Community Service on more than one occasion. Rotarian Keith Doherty joined from Pakenham club and suggested a 'Drouin Swap Meet' could be an excellent fundraiser, as a similar event was in Pakenham. John took up the challenge and managed the key event for many, many  years. He was also the "original" Farm World organiser and also coordinator of the Rotary contribution to the Australia Day Party-in-the-Park BBQ .
John was President 02/03 and received Paul Harris fellow recognition for his contributions in June 2008. Two years earlier, Lorraine Kinrade has been similarly recognised.
Congratulations and thank you John