Chairman Roger Playdon met Sergio Carlei at his premises in Upper Beaconsfield and invited him to visit Drouin on Tuesday evening and speak of his journey to the establishment of Carlei Wines in 1996...."It's about passion and love of the land".
After graduating with a science degree, Sergio began work in the petro-chemical industry but decided to go elsewhere after reading about the health issues for long-term workers in that industry.
He became a chiropractor and OH&S consultant, while also undertaking a Wine Science course. Coinciding with the graduation of this last study, he was diagnosed with leukeamia, which started him on the path a detailed investigation into nature's cycles and natural therapies.
His doctor told him to effectively retire, get a dog and plant flowers. He got the dog...but planted vines on land purchased in Upper Beaconsfield rather than a flower garden., farming guided by biodynamic principles, which he shared with members. He now has twelve vineyards around Victoria.