At the last dinner for 2019, the club recognised the contributions of three of its members with Paul Harris Fellowships - Dr Ian Brooker, Peter Williams and Max Scott (left to right in photo above)
Peter Williams  was sponsored by Rex Greenland and inducted by President John Kinrade, Peter  joined the club on 11 March 2003
  • Peter is tonight recognised for his significant contribution to the fundraising of the club through his preparations, highly successful involvement in the sourcing (cajoling) of auction items from a diversity of donors, and management of a number of auction events over the year’s of his membership. To name those I have identified:
    • 2005/06 Gala Dinner & Auction at Bellbird Park – an event which raised a total of around $49,000 for Centenary House and the auction was a key contributor
    • 2009/10 ‘Celebrity Dinner with Sam Kekovich’ – auction raised money towards the club’s contributions to Shelter Boxes for Haiti - $4,910 and Centenary House- $7,000
    • 2010/11 ‘Gala Dinner & Auction’ at Lardner Park raised a total of $91,250 for Lyrebird Village
    • 2012/13 ‘Celebrity Dinner with Tom Hafey’ included a sports’ memorabilia auction which raised $2,902
    • 2016/17 Clearing Sale at Bellbird Parkraised $25,000 for West Gippsland Palliative Care
    • 2017/18 Mike Brady Night raised $20,000 for Centenary House and the Variety Children’s Charity of which raffle and auction raised around $12,300 … and
    • 2018/19 Clearing Sale at Bellbird park raised $7,720
    • Plus numerous, smaller in-club auction activities
  • That means Peter’s “auctions” have been key component in events, that have raised a total of almost $150,000
  • Thank you Peter
The Rotary Foundation gives its Fellowship Recognition to anyone who personally contributes US$1,000 to the Foundation…a significant contribution to Rotary Service I am sure you will agree. And in some clubs in Australia, and overseas, joining a club requires a US$1,000 donation and so all members are PHFs. Not so here or in most Australian Clubs or Districts, where such is completely voluntary, although encouraged through the ‘Centurion Club’. And we, like many clubs, allocate our Foundation “credits” so that we may choose to whom we give recognition. Tonight I am very pleased to recognise a significant contribution to both Foundation and the club from one of our members.
Ian Brooker was sponsored by Glynn Fankhauser and inducted by President Ray Howe on  2nd May 2006
  • Long hours dealing with the insides of people mouths often meant we did not always see Ian at meetings, but his contributions are legend:
    • A keystone of ‘Rotary Information’ over many years, educating and informing members and guests about this great organisation and its activities
    • Footy Tipping manager over many years…fair and honest and rarely making too much noise when Collingwood won
    • ‘Master of Admissions’ on the gates at our events and Farm World
    • Board member Director of: Foundation, Membership, On-to-Conference, Environment, RI, RDU and even Property Master and … who could ever forget his appearance as a Centurion out at the Golf Club…the stuff of nightmares
  • It should also be noted that Sue Brooker is currently credited with US$859.62 in contributions to the Rotary Foundation…thank you Sue. A family commitment.
  • Thank you Ian
      Max Scott was sponsored by Paul Davine and inducted by President Leigh Bates on 7th June 2011
  • After just six months in the club he was given the honour of running the Footy Tipping competition as Ian had called “time”…perhaps the disappointment of no back-to-back premierships from Collingwood was too much for him
  • Max became Treasurer the following year (2012/13) when he took over from Michael Slaughter at a difficult time for the club, staying in the role following two years, and then returning in 2018/19 for a two-year stint
  • Along the way he has been part of the Swap Meet committee, Rotary’s representative on the ‘Combined Service Club’s Committee’, ever-reliable Drouin Market back-stop, attendance officer when Peter is absent and, basically, a member who is just there when needed
  • He is also the quiet achiever, just getting on with it…whatever “it” happens to be. For example, he has beenrenovating a number of cots for Olivia’s Place over some time, and is Longwarry Cyclist Club overseer of reminders etc….plus much more
  • Thank you Max