Weekly Newsletter - Issue Number 48 
Date 29/6/2021
Thoughts of  President Russell
I think that the concerns I had thinking about the programme this week was a classic case of over thinking my thoughts about it, and that is more than enough thinking about my thoughts. As it was our last dinner meeting of the year, I wanted all of your Directors and leadership non-directors to do a stand up and provide you with a rundown of the activities in their particular area of responsibility.
I thought it might be boring and I knew it would be longer than a usual meeting presentation, but despite this, I wanted you to get a full-on account of the year in person rather than a few lines in an Annual Report or from a piece meal occasional account at meetings. I was wrong in the concerns about you becoming bored and restless and the proof of that was in the number of Rotarians who came up to see me after the meeting. They were amazed to hear what our Club had achieved under the leadership of these marvellous Rotarians, in a climate where for nearly half a year we were in lockdown. The number of small and large projects that were completed, the work with outside organisations, the disbursements and the community service when laid out there in one presentation impressed, even astounded many of you.
Many of you came up after the meeting and said just that, I worried for nothing! It was best summed up and absolutely gladdened me when one Rotarian who has been a member for a long time and is highly respected by me came up and said “What he had just heard, made him feel proud to be a Drouin Rotarian.” All those in leadership roles have worked exceptionally hard but always remember they do not do it for themselves, they do it in the name of the Drouin Rotary Club, they do it in YOUR name.
So as this is my 41st and my last What Do I Think, I think it is a good time to make a number of personal observations. Firstly, as we heard from the leadership team this week it has been by any measure a very successful Rotary year. Despite losing almost the whole first half of the year due to COVID restrictions, we still accomplished so much in projects, community service, fundraising, disbursements and fellowship, it is year a that we can all look back on with pride. I am certainly very proud of what we have achieved and to have been your President for the past 12 months. As a Club I have no hesitation in stating that we are held in high regard by the Rotary District and by our own community.
For me personally, as you know I live alone, but I am fortunate, I have a very close-knit family and dear friends all of whom are close by geographically, so I have never felt lonely. The same applies in my Rotary life, through fellowship, phone calls, meetings, people calling in at home and talks, I have always felt support from every Club member, I have never felt lonely, I always knew you were there with me on the journey. Thank you to every last one of you, and as I enter the next phase of my Rotary life I do so with enthusiasm and confidence that under the guidance of President Gary and his Board all of this will continue. So, for those who have responded, see you at The Changeover this Wednesday July 7th at The Royal Hotel 6:30 for 7:00 pm and we can celebrate the year together and wish Gary and his team a successful year ahead.
Yours In Rotary, Russell