Motorfest 2015, What a Success!
Tuesday 10 March Chairperson Ian Haughton 
President Miceal opened the meeting and thanked everyone for their work in staging the Motorfest. It was a most successful fundraiser, the weather was good and the number of volunteers was very gratifying.

Ian congratulated all members and partners and as he commented, it should have been a partnersnight, for the huge contribution Rotarians and partners had made to the success of the weekend. Ian particularly thanked the major players: Leigh Bates, David Proposch, Simon Kelton, Bob Vogt, Kevin Roberts, Max Scott, Graeme Tindle, Dean Addison (aerial photos) Don Kelly, Ian Bennett, Jeff Copping, John Franklin, Clayton and Leigh Rees, Drouin Mens Shed members, Warragul Rotary, Koo Wee Rup/Lang Lang Rotary and hoped he hadnt missed anyone!
Watch out for more photo's and a complete wrap up of the event.