PHOTOGRAPH: Rotarian Graeme Watts (left) and Vice President Ian Bennett (right) discuss the RYLA camp with Edward Flower.
Over a weekend in May, Edward Flower, a young man from Mountain View, along with 16 others, attended a camp at Somers having been successful in obtaining the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA).  Nominated by the Drouin Rotary Club, Edward attended a recent Rotary meeting to report on his experiences.  Chairman of the meeting was Rotarian Ian Brooker.
Edward said that he had been an “unsocial” person and the camp was a “turning point” for him, in that he had enjoyed the experience of meeting people.  He outlined the content of the camp program, which included developing the art of bonding and “making someone’s day”.  Camp participants were encouraged to challenge themselves and “employ courage” in their activities.  Confidence-building and leadership development were strong aspects of the weekend.  Edward said that he had been challenged to think about what he wanted to do in life.  “What did the camp mean to me?” Edward asked, “it gave me a better understanding of myself, and I found that I just needed to be me”.  He said that the weekend had been very beneficial and that he was so grateful for those few days away.  He thanked Drouin Rotary for providing that opportunity.
In closing the meeting, Vice President Ian Bennett congratulated Edward on the confidence he had displayed in delivering his excellent presentation, and said that the Club was very pleased that he had gained so much from the experience.