And these two gents are?

Charity Auction

The Charity Auction event held at the newly constructed function centre at Lardner Park was a spectacular success this year due fully to the efforts of a small but enthusiastic group of Rotarians Peter Williams and Keith Pretty(these names keep popping up!!!).

From the very inception of the Gala Night it was destined for success as it has been in the past a fantastic night had by all who enjoy a good auction.  The generosity of the community we live in and that of one particular Rotary family, Leigh & Janine Rees can not be understated.  A charity auction only exists due to the selfless acts of others; there can be no more obvious act of Service Above Self than for individuals to donate goods and services expecting to receive nothing in return.

Due to the shear volume of donated goods the Auction continued well into the night, causing our Auctioneer to loose his voice.