Chairperson Pauline introduced the Club to Dr. Mark Raynor as a well-known and highly esteemed GP who has been practising in Drouin for 22 years.
Mark thanked everyone for the opportunity to talk, particularly on the issue of Men’s Health. Mark commenced by telling everyone one he was a 62 year old GP who had seen and heard just about
everything medical but still has the occasional surprise or two. He stated that he tells people that when he was a young doctor he knew everything but now he is older he has found that he has
learnt a lot.

Mark described his job as 50/50. 50% pessimist and 50% optimist. He said his job is to listen first; examine second; thirdly investigate and then discuss possible treatments. He believes it is extremely important to be clear on the patient’s thoughts. There is no point in giving a pill if the patient won’t take it. He says he is 50% pessimist as he always has to exclude the most urgent or worst problem first. He is 50% optimist as most times the problem is not the worst it could be and even if it is, then with new treatments a positive outcome may be possible.

Mark spoke of his own family, his father died at 67 of lung cancer, an uncle died of lung cancer at 57, and his wife died of cancer at 46. He said most of us want to die peacefully at an old age however we don’t always get the choice. He suggested that we should pick our relatives and should not smoke.

When visiting the doctor, Mark says it is important to describe your symptoms:
•What is new?
• What is worsening?
• What can’t you do any longer?
• What is your partner worried about?

Mark stated that heart disease is still the most common killer for men and women, however women present later in life with fewer symptoms. He said there are 4 types of heart disease:
1. Muscular – the pump/muscle of the heart is weak. Heart failure or cardiomyopathy.
2. Valvular – the valves, which are the gates from the heart are old and are hard to move or just flop around causing strain on the heart.
3. Electrical – the heart beat is irregular.
4. Ischaemic Heart Disease – the heart arteries are partially or completely blocked by calcium or cholesterol.

He said people present to the doctor/emergency or ambulance in one of 3 ways:
• Angina – short episodes of chest pain associated with exercise.
• Heart Attack – prolonged severe pain, usually crushing and maybe with pain radiating to one or both arms or to the neck/jaw. Classically occurring with shortness of breath.
• Sudden collapse or death.
Each of the above occurs with about the same frequency.
Mark said he is often asked about the size of his hands when someone requests a prostate test. He stated he had small hands. The College of GP say there is no indication to do a PSA or digital examination, between the ages of 50 and 60 , unless there is a strong family history. Mark said that as men get older they will virtually all end up with cancer of the prostate, however it is usually slow growing and responds well to hormone treatment.
Impotence Mark believes, is often just caused by age, he says it can be an early indication of blood vessel disease, contrary to popular belief it is only a small artery that may be blocked. Early treatments were penile implants or injections. Nowadays new drugs – Viagra/Cialis and Levitra all function by increasing blood flow to the penis however they also increase blood flow to all other areas of the body. This may cause migraines or low blood pressure. Mark stated that one could take these medications if one is still able to walk up 2 flights of stairs quickly without shortness of breath and if you are with your normal partner.
He suggested there should be no over excitement with another partner and no Olympics.
Chair Pauline complimented Mark as her doctor and this was amplified by President Merv, particularly in relation to Mark's dealings with Merv's mother.