This week the Club meeting was off to the annual dinner at the Drouin Secondary College restaurant Food 4 Thought. Under supervision Students plan, budgets menus, budgets, and all that is required in catering. They prepare, cook and serve the meals and all members are very impressed by the meals and quality of service. This year the guest speaker as every year was a former student Tim Price.
The Exploits of a Drouin Secondary College Graduate
It took Tim Price nine years to achieve his Bachelor of Commerce. He said he very nearly did not complete his degree when he had to front the University Board at the end of his first year. Tim holds two Diplomas in Financial Planning and has completed a Graduate Diploma of Teaching.
Tim commenced his talk entertaining all with his memories of being in class with his “favourite teacher”, Mrs Deppeler. He recounted the story of the day his response to Mrs Deppeler, after getting into trouble, was “Mrs Deppeler you shouldn’t look at me like that you are a married woman.” Tim then proceeded to tell all about the night he took “Jenny” on a date. He had received free tickets to the Warragul Rotary Art show and invited “Jenny” to accompany him. He assured everyone that he and his date had a good evening.
Tim explained that his first entrepreneurial venture when in kindergarten. He decided that acorn necklaces were going to make him his first fortune. He worked diligently in his Dad’s shed drilling holes in acorns and threading them on string to make a necklace. He set up shop in the bus shelter opposite his home. His only sale was to a friend of his Mum's. Tim says from then on, he planned to go to University to study commerce.

Tim’s first overseas trip was to Sweden to visit his good friend Eda, who had been an exchange student at Drouin Secondary College (DSC). On this trip he had his first experience of snowboarding. This led to him applying to the “Work USA” program. His interviewer stated he could have the job or his dreadlocks. Tim decided he would have the job and consequently lost the dreadlocks. While working on the ski fields of America, he completed a winter survival course, which taught him how to identify different snow types, digging a snow pit and building snow shelters.
Tim highlighted several overseas experiences. While on a trip with his friend Lachie Ross (a DSC College Captain) to Indonesia, Tim undertook the Open Water Diving Certificate and then the Advanced Open Water Dive Certificate. At this time Tim completed night time dives which he found to be magnificent.
                     Gemma Bourke and Zoe Young serve meals to Chairman Merv Deppeler and President David Proposch, while speaker Tim Price and Pauline Proposch patiently wait.
He played in the Australian Rules football competition in Denmark. He showed photographs of the solo hikes he had undertaken in Sweden (400 km) and at Larapinta (225 km) in Central Australia.
Tim has undertaken many different jobs, often returning from overseas trips, with a debt, and then working hard to pay the debt off. He has worked in hospitality, as brickies labourer. Tim worked as a financial planner for 9 years, several of these operating his own business which he later sold. Tim explained he had no children but his babies were his houses. Tim has purchased cheap blocks of land, purchased movable houses and then renovated. The first house was at Inverloch, this home has since been sold.

Currently Tim classes himself as “semi-retired” but he is teaching in a primary school, he has purchased more blocks of land and is planning to move and renovate homes (he says he builds new homes from recycled materials) and he plans to continue to enjoy his rich and satisfying outdoor activities.

Chairman Merv. thanked Tim for his presentation and commented on the variety of experiences and congratulated him on his willingness to take on challenges.